BBMB! June’s “Bring Back My Bar” Is Almost Over!

We all have that one scent that immediately sparks an emotion or memory that we can’t get enough of. It’s amazing to think just one simple aroma can transport you back in time by months, years, or even decades and evoke such rich feelings. This is exactly why, as of June 1, Scentsy announced the 20 fragrances that will be “unlocked from the vault” and re-introduced during the month of June.   


If 20 of your favorite wax bars being released doesn’t already have you excited, then the bonus retro faves certainly will! These five bonus favorites have never been brought back, but now June is their time to shine!

These 20 fragrances will be available through the month of June for just $5.00 each. 

Plus, you can also snag your old favorites: Summer Sippin’, Baja Breeze, Bamboo Sugar Cane, Javanilla, and Lime Sublime. I mean, really, it doesn’t get any better!

Wait. Actually, it does get better. Rather than paying $5.00 per bar, you can take advantage of the following savings to accumulate more of your favorite bars in your Scentsy stash without emptying your wallet:

  • 3 Scentsy Bars: $14 ($1 savings
  • 6 Scentsy Bars: $25 (Buy 5, get 1 free)
  • All 25 fragrances: $105 ($20 off!)

June’s BBMB offers a scent for everybody. From the smell of a crisp fall day offered by Apple Crisp to Route 66’s feeling of a windswept drive on a sunny day, you are sure to find 1… or 2…or 10 scents you need now from BBMB.

If that’s the case, Charleston Scent Duo is your favorite Low Country Scentsy provider. Erin is a fragrance guru, and she’s here to help you get exactly what you want. Order now before BBMB disappears into the night!

Have You Snagged June’s Warmer, Revere?

A candle is simply a candle. After enough use (and mess!) it gets thrown away and replaced. Welcome to the word of Scentsy’s trademark warmers. They beat candles in every category, including aesthetic appeal, safety, and versatility. This month’s new warmer, Revere, is no exception!

The Benefits of a Scentsy Warmer: Let Us Count the Ways

Whether you live in a modern NYC apartment, a plantation-style home in the south, or anything in between, your house is a reflection of who you are. Rustic? Feminine? Vintage? Artsy? Classic? You want to surround yourself with decor that matches your personality, and this is the inspiration behind every Scentsy warmer.

The stunning and gorgeous warmer designs you can find through Scentsy will express your style, enhance the appeal of your home, and fill your space with any irresistible fragrance of your choice. The Scentsy website offers more than one hundred warmers, literally from A to Z. Between the nautical “Ahoy!” warmer and the meditative “Zen Rock” warmer, it is possible to find a warmer that helps your home smell great while also making a purposeful decorative statement.   

Every Scentsy warmer houses a low-watt light bulb or other heating element that slowly melts whichever Scentsy Bar of wax that you choose.  As the wax is heated in your warmer, it releases long-lasting fragrance into the air. The wax bars actually hold more fragrance oil than regular candles because they are gently warmed rather than burned.

Revere Is Here!

A new warmer is announced every month through Scentsy, and we love June’s option as much as ever. The Revere reflects the patriotism that captures so much of the spring and summer months. From Memorial Day and July 4th to Labor Day, we have so much to celebrate between May and September, and the Revere supports that celebration with its rich color and star patterns.


As the official Scentsy description explains, “It’s part of who you are, an unwavering love of all things home. Revere captures that feeling and brings it to your favorite space in just the colors for the occasion.” So get your Revere today and use it as the ultimate show stopper this summer. Of course, every month’s warmer also gets matched with an incredible new scent. Try the new Huckleberry and Clementine Scentsy Bar in your Revere warmer to fill your home with Huckleberry preserves, clementine, and a sprig of strawberry vine. It’s the ultimate scent to celebrate the arrival of summer!