Welcome to Charleston Scent Duo, the rapidly growing Scentsy business of Star Director Erin Fluharty and her husband, Patrick.

Hi! Thank you for stopping by to learn a little bit more about our small business and why you should consider starting your own Scentsy business! Scentsy has truly blessed our family with wonderful experiences and memories we will keep forever. As much as we love enriching our lives with Scentsy, we also love sharing it with others who are eager to come along for the journey!

Our journey with Scentsy began years ago. Erin joined in 2012 before she met Patrick, but it just wasn’t the right time for her to fully embrace Scentsy and she became an inactive consultant. However, she returned in 2014 after she and Patrick had just moved to Charleston, SC and had a baby (Grace, now 3 years old). In only 6 months Erin was promoted to Director!

When Erin started “this Scentsy thing”, she was merely looking to make a name for herself beyond being a mom. She used her sales and marketing background to assist her in the success of her growing business. Now, nearly 6 years later, Patrick and Erin have worked together to help many men and women learn about themselves and what they are capable of with the support of Scentsy.

Our organization has completely evolved and grown to 433 total teammates! We have a local team in the Charleston region but most our group is all over the USA and Canada.

As we have grown, Scentsy has blessed us with unbelievable opportunities, especially incentive trip! We could not imagine traveling like we have without Scentsy making it possible!

After earning our first incentive that took us to Cozumel, Mexico (2016) by way of a Royal Caribbean cruise, we really started living the Scentsy life.  It didn’t take long to earn another incentive trip to Disney (2016) but because Erin was pregnant and had a small child, she opted to attend the annual Scentsy convention for free in Nashville, TN. That would be the last trip that Erin would attend alone!

After having our second child, Brooke (now 1 year old) in September 2016, we knew life would never be the same. We had a tough year. But in 2017, we amazed ourselves by earning an all-expense paid trip for TWO to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! This was a chance to us to reconnect as a married couple and, because of Scentsy, we found US again.

When we say that Scentsy has blessed us, we honestly mean it. We do not know where we would be without Scentsy and these memories! We will be making even more memories aboard the Symphony of the Seas in June 2018, as we embark on a Scentsy incentive trip of a lifetime from Barcelona, Spain to Italy and France! We are just incredibly blessed to have these experiences and to be able to bless others with this life as well.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to dig your feet in the sand and join us for a fantastic ride! Cheers to 2018.

A Bit About Scentsy. Scentsy began in 2004 as a small family business and has since grown into an international fragrance company and leader in the direct selling industry. Scentsy’s home and personal fragrances offer stylish, innovative, and customizable products made with high-quality ingredients.

Scentsy’s most well-known products include the Scentsy Diffuser that instantly fills the air with irresistible fragrances made from natural and essential oils, as well as the flagship product line of scented wax bars that can be heated in handcrafted warmers. Of course, Scentsy also offers other fragrance products including laundry care, inventive cleaning solutions, and luxurious personal care products.

Ready To Get Started? There are two ways that you can enjoy Scentsy. You can shop around for products that you love or you can join our team to become a Consultant yourself!