About Us

Welcome to Charleston Scent Duo, the rapidly growing Scentsy business of Star Director Erin Fluharty and her husband, Patrick.

When Erin first launched her Scentsy efforts back in October 2014, she was simply looking for extra “Me Time” and a rewarding way to utilize her marketing and sales experience while staying home with her two young daughters. Three years later, Erin is now an accomplished Star Director with an incredible group of 304 consultants who introduce Scentsy to others with as much passion as their fearless leader.



Whether you are discovering Scentsy for the first time or returning for your favorite products, the Charleston Scent Duo is here to help you find everything you need. Scentsy is truly where Erin belongs, and she feels blessed to stay home with her babies, work on a schedule that fits the needs of her family, and help her customers discover the irresistible Scentsy fragrances that she simply can’t live without.

A Bit About Scentsy. Scentsy began in 2004 as a small family business and has since grown into an international fragrance company and leader in the direct selling industry. Scentsy’s home and personal fragrances offer stylish, innovative, and customizable products made with high-quality ingredients.

Scentsy’s most well-known products include the Scentsy Diffuser that instantly fills the air with irresistible fragrances made from natural and essential oils, as well as the flagship product line of scented wax bars that can be heated in handcrafted warmers. Of course, Scentsy also offers other fragrance products including laundry care, inventive cleaning solutions, and luxurious personal care products.

Ready To Get Started? If you’re ready to see exactly what Scentsy is all about, click “Go Shopping” to browse all of the Scentsy products available and learn more about how Scentsy can improve your own quality of life.

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