Scentsy Holiday Collection Part III: Diffusers & Oils

Essential oils have the ultimate healing powers. They can bring peaceful sleep to restful nights, energy to a busy day, and calm to a troubled mind. As a bonus, they also smell incredible! Scentsy has its own line of essential oils and diffusers that add a touch of class to your home, including the holiday specials below. 

Fair warning, the Stargaze is expected to sell out quickly!! 

Scentsy Holiday Oils 3 Pack: Three exclusive 5ml holiday Scentsy Oils, beautifully packaged and ready to give. Includes the following fragrances: Cinnamon Bark (Warm, spicy notes of orange, cinnamon, and clove), Peppermint Stick (Crisp peppermint and eucalyptus sweetened with vanilla), Christmas Pine (Fresh layers of fir needle, raspberry, and cedarwood). 


Stargaze Diffuser (Available as Shade Only, too): Colors burst and streak across this diffuser in a mesmerizing display that’s totally unique from one piece to another.


Scentsy Holiday Collection Part II: Wraps and Shades For the Season

Welcome to Part 2 of our Holiday Collection rundown! Yesterday we gave you the full catalog of warmers and mini warmers, and today we’re moving on to wraps and shades. These beauties let you embrace your own style and celebrate the holiday season. 

Away in a Manger Warmer Wrap: Find hope in a glowing nativity scene, as three Wise Men follow the Star of Bethlehem to offer gifts to their newborn king.


O Christmas Tree Warmer Wrap: Light up the tree! And send picture-perfect holiday patterns dancing through the room.  


Peace Warmer WrapEmbrace the spirit of serenity with this simple but lovely white wrap.


Silver Frost ShadeA glorious addition to our new Lampshade CollectionSilver Frost captures the elegance of snowflakes on a silvery glass vase. With a flick of the switch, the delicate flakes cast a radiant glow with plays of shadow and light.


Scentsy Holiday Collection: Get Them Before They Are Gone! (Part 1)

Can you hear the sleigh bells? Can you see the falling snow? It may not be winter yet, but as far as Scentsy is concerned, it’s all about the 2017 Holiday Collection! This year’s catalog is jam-packed with new products and scents that you do not want to miss. As has happened in past years, we expect the Holiday Collection to sell out quickly, so you don’t want to play the waiting game with your favorite items! Browse through the best of the Holiday Collection below and click to shop!


adornminiwarmerAdorn Mini Warmer: A weathered, gold-toned finish and classic illustrations give Adorn the look of a treasured ornament passed down through generations.

buildasnowmanBuild a Snowman Warmer: He’s the sweetest snowman ever, decked out in his holiday best and stamped with a playful scene for double the holiday delight.


Down the Chimney Warmer: These boots need no introduction! Be sure to set them out wherever they’ll be noticed and properly adored all season long.


Falling Snowflakes Warmer: Snowflakes burst from metallic ice blue in a fantastical recreation of a glittering wintry landscape.

gingerbreadmanGingerbread Man Mini Warmer: Laid-back and full of love, this little guy is ready to spread some holiday cheer from the comfort of his merry mug.


Holiday Lights Mini Warmer: Bring the cheer and anticipation of the season home with Holiday Lights, a homey Warmer spangled with old-fashioned Christmas bulbs. Each light glows from within when the warmer is lit, contrasting with the deep-red finish.

nativityNativity Warmer: This luminous scene is a symbol of faith everlasting.


Special Delivery Warmer: There’s nothing quite like that first glimpse of THE tree. Not just any tree. It’s yours, and it’s finally here, looking sharp in the back of a cool retro truck.

tinselTinsel Warmer: You know that holiday sweater you’ll love forever? Tinsel captures its charm in spades with stitch-like detail and a warm, cozy vibe. 

wildlifeWildlife Mini Warmer: The sun begins its ascent, casting a tranquil moment in perfect silhouette.

winterfrostWinter Frost Warmer: Cozy up to a charming winter wonderland! Modeled after an old-fashioned mason jar, Winter Frost captures picture-perfect snowflakes and casts them out in a dazzling display.

winterstagWinter Stag Warmer: Go a little retro this season with folk-art-inspired illustrations rendered in cool, muted tones.




Charity Through Scentsy: Make a Purchase to Benefit God’s Grace Canine Rescue!

What is that signature Scentsy aroma that always greets you when you walk through the door at the end of a long day? We each have our own scent that shouts “home”, and now Charleston Scent Duo is making it possible for the purchase of your favorite Scentsy scents and products to help a much-deserving dog find his or her own forever home.  

God’s Grace Canine Rescue, located in Maryland and founded in 2012, was inspired by an Italian Greyhound named Grace who endured a life filled with the most unimaginable mistreatment and torture. No living being should have to endure what Grace did, and her legacy now lives on in the lives that God’s Grace Canine Rescue impacts every single day.


Grace’s story inspires the team at God’s Grace to do everything they can to help pets find the love and companionship they deserve from an adopted family. God’s Grace is also passionate about providing educational information and awareness to the community in order to help others understand exactly how animals depend on humans. As a nonprofit pet adoption and pet rescue, God’s Grace Canine Rescue, Inc. is committed to the preservation of life and quality of life for unwanted, homeless, abandoned, neglected, and terminally ill dogs.

Now your love for Scentsy can actually help support God’s Grace Canine Rescue through its business fundraiser. Every Scentsy item that you buy through the God’s Grace fundraiser ensures that a portion of the purchase price is donated directly to God’s Grace for their use helping, support, and protecting beautiful dogs in need. You can literally do something you were already planning to do and help an amazing cause in the process. Now that’s a great fundraiser!

shebaIf you have pets of your own, you will definitely be touched by the causes that God’s Grace Canine Rescue champions. Check them out on Facebook or through their website to learn more about their adoptable dogs, senior/hospice program, and more. If you’re ready to make a purchase to support God’s Grace, just click on the link, join the active party, and get your favorite type of shopping done without leaving your chair.

As the holidays approach, this is the perfect time to stock up on Scentsy gifts for the people on your list. From incredible scented hand soaps and laundry detergents to gorgeous warmers and diffusers, Scentsy has it all. Shop now!!

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September Only: Become a Consultant for $49!

Everybody has a reason. A reason to join Scentsy, that is. If you come across a Scentsy consultant at the store, at a trade show, or in your circle of friends, and ask why she joined, what do you think you will hear?

  • I started because I wanted a new hobby… but over time the income helped to keep my family afloat. 
  • I joined because I wanted to take advantage of the consultant discounts… but over time I stayed for the friendships and incredible leadership. 
  • I joined because I was ready to get the heck out of the corporate world!
  • I started because I want to have more time with my kids during the day. They grow up way too fast! 
  • I joined because I needed a purpose after a really devastating divorce/loss/job change. 
  • I started because I LOVE Scentsy products and want to help others discover their favorites too. 
  • I joined because I wanted to do something that was JUST FOR ME. 

And the list goes on and on… and on. Every person who becomes a Scentsy Consultant experiences a unique, rewarding, and fulfilling journey. So you might be super excited to learn that for SEPTEMBER ONLY you can become a Scentsy Consultant yourself for only $49! 

If you take advantage of this rare opportunity, you will snag the following things in your new kit:

  1. More than 80 scented mini testers
  2. Catalogs
  3. Order Forms
  4. 3 months of a personal website for FREE
  5. Many other valuable business tools

Plus, when you join as part of the Charleston Scent Duo team, you can benefit from our support, encouragement, and guidance! We are ALWAYS here to help you reach your goals, whether your goal is to make extra side cash to pay bills or to transform Scentsy into a fulltime job. You can make it happen! 


If that isn’t enough to persuade you, consider this… joining Scentsy means you become a member of the Scentsy Family. You will make friends that feel like sisters and brothers; you will watch your income grow; your work will feel like FUN; you’ll have the opportunity to qualify for FREE trips to beautiful and exciting destinations… and so much more! 

Ready to jump in? This $49 kit gives you the chance to experience Scentsy for yourself for less than the price of your groceries for the week. How can you say no to that!? 


Contact Erin Fluharty now to get started: (703) 626 0209,, or head to our Contact Us page. Remember, this deal will disappear after September, so snag it while you can! 

Fundraising With Scentsy: You Can Make a Difference

There’s nothing better than finding a passion in life that not only brings you joy, but gives you the ability to help others. This is just one of the countless reasons that we are dedicated to our Scentsy business. In addition to selling customers their favorite products and helping them find scents they love, we can also help organizations raise money through Scentsy fundraisers. Whether you are a Scentsy consultant looking for a unique way to give back to your community or a member of an organization in need of new fundraising strategies, here is everything you need to know!

Scentsy Fundraiser: How Does It Work? Charleston Scent Duo is based out of Summerville, South Carolina, but fundraisers offer the flexibility to be implemented anywhere! Scentsy’s line of home fragrance products like air fresheners, room sprays, wickless candles, warmers, essential oils, and cool-mist diffusers offer an exciting and diverse range of items to sell.

During a fundraiser, we provide all supplies including order forms, catalogs, and scent samples, to an organization based upon the number of people participating in the fundraiser. Unlike other fundraisers that charge fees for supplies, Charleston Scent Duo is proud to offer everything completely free of charge. This means that an organization is able to raise money for its most important causes without taking the hit on pesky upfront costs. Fundraising is about giving back, after all. We also offer to hold a meeting with those involved to display and explain Scentsy products and answer any questions. If an in-person meeting isn’t possible or practical, we can provide a detailed letter instead.    

Who Makes Money, and How? An organization can expect to make quite a bit of money from a Scentsy fundraiser. As an independent consultant, Charleston Scent Duo commits to donating 100 percent of our commission, which equates to 25 to 30 percent of sales, back to the fundraiser. This upholds Scentsy’s “Give more than you take” motto while also promoting our business within the community. Since Scentsy is incredibly popular and easy to sell, that 25 to 30 percent donations adds up quickly! The table below illustrates how rapidly an organization can generate funds for itself using a Scentsy fundraiser.

# of Participants If everyone sells $25 If everyone sells $50 If everyone sells $100 If everyone sells $150
25 $125 donation $250 donation $500 donation $750 donation
50 $250 donation $500 donation $1000 donation $1500 donation
100 $500 donation $1000 donation $2000 donation $3000 donation
200 $1000 donation $2000 donation $4000 donation $6000 donation 

Why Now? Scentsy has so much to offer at all times, but autumn is one of the very best times to hold a fundraiser thanks to the upcoming holidays. In addition to the regular Fall catalog, we also offer a complete Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas mini-catalog. This Holiday Collection is always very popular and provides customers with an irresistible selection of items to buy, especially as gifts to others.

Giving back to others is an important and rewarding experience, and Charleston Scent Duo is so happy to contribute to the Charleston community using Scentsy fundraising. If you belong to an organization such as a youth group, church, charity, or school, and you are excited by the opportunities that a Scentsy fundraiser could bring to your organization, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! We would love nothing more than to partner with your organization and work hard to help you raise the funds you need!

Do You Have Plans Next June? How Does a Free Cruise Sound?

Do you have anything planned on June 3, 2018?


Well, become a Scentsy consultant with Charleston Scent Duo and we will change your answer to YES.

On June 3, 2018, Royal Caribbean’s brand new Symphony of the Seas cruise ship will be embarking from Barcelona Spain and traveling to ports of call in Palma De Mallorca, Spain; Provence, France; Florence, Italy; Rome, Italy; and Naples, Italy before returning to Barcelona on June 10, 2018. Can you guess who will be aboard that cruise ship? Dedicated Scentsy consultants who earn between 20,000 and 30,000 credits between August 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018.


Any consultant, even consultants that join in or after August, have the opportunity to qualify for this unbelievable incentive trip. Credits are accumulated through various Scentsy achievements like sales, sponsoring, personal promotions, earning Scentsational Start, helping frontline Consultants earn Scentsational Start, being paid at title, and more.


If you earn 20,000 credits before February, you will snag an invitation to the incentive trip and only need to cover the cost of your airfare. At 25,000 credits, you get to cruise with all expenses paid! When you hit 30,000 credits, you have the added perk of bringing an all-expenses-paid guest as well. Seven days having the time of your life on a cruise ship, visiting beautiful European destinations, and spending time with your Scentsy family… it doesn’t get any better than that.


There is virtually no other job description in the world that includes a once-in-a-lifetime European cruise as an incentive for dedication and passion. The most amazing thing is that YOU are in control of your journey with Scentsy, and Erin and Patrick at Charleston Scent Duo are your top supporters. If you’ve decided that 2018 is your year to travel for free, let Erin know so that she can do everything in her power to make it a reality!