Do You Have Plans Next June? How Does a Free Cruise Sound?

Do you have anything planned on June 3, 2018?


Well, become a Scentsy consultant with Charleston Scent Duo and we will change your answer to YES.

On June 3, 2018, Royal Caribbean’s brand new Symphony of the Seas cruise ship will be embarking from Barcelona Spain and traveling to ports of call in Palma De Mallorca, Spain; Provence, France; Florence, Italy; Rome, Italy; and Naples, Italy before returning to Barcelona on June 10, 2018. Can you guess who will be aboard that cruise ship? Dedicated Scentsy consultants who earn between 20,000 and 30,000 credits between August 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018.


Any consultant, even consultants that join in or after August, have the opportunity to qualify for this unbelievable incentive trip. Credits are accumulated through various Scentsy achievements like sales, sponsoring, personal promotions, earning Scentsational Start, helping frontline Consultants earn Scentsational Start, being paid at title, and more.


If you earn 20,000 credits before February, you will snag an invitation to the incentive trip and only need to cover the cost of your airfare. At 25,000 credits, you get to cruise with all expenses paid! When you hit 30,000 credits, you have the added perk of bringing an all-expenses-paid guest as well. Seven days having the time of your life on a cruise ship, visiting beautiful European destinations, and spending time with your Scentsy family… it doesn’t get any better than that.

There is virtually no other job description in the world that includes a once-in-a-lifetime European cruise as an incentive for dedication and passion. The most amazing thing is that YOU are in control of your journey with Scentsy, and Erin and Patrick at Charleston Scent Duo are your top supporters. If you’ve decided that 2018 is your year to travel for free, let Erin know so that she can do everything in her power to make it a reality!

Hosting a Scentsy Party: What’s It All About?

Who doesn’t love a great party? Whether it’s a holiday, a birthday, or a “just because” event, parties bring friends together to connect, celebrate, and make incredible memories. When it comes to a Scentsy party, the benefits don’t end there! Stepping into the role of a Scentsy party hostess gives you the incredible privilege of simultaneously connecting with new and old friends, helping others discover truly high-quality products, and snagging your own Scentsy favorites at serious discounts.


If you just recently joined Scentsy by taking advantage of the amazing August starter kit now available, you are probably wondering exactly what it means to host a Scentsy party. Or perhaps you’ve been a devoted Scentsy customer for a while and just want to connect with more friends and reap the discounts and free products available! Whatever your inspiration, hosting a Scentsy party will help you reach your goals. Here are the key points you should know.

What Is a Scentsy Party? There is no single correct way to host a Scentsy party, and that’s the beauty of it! A Scentsy party is anything you want it to be. The core elements involve gathering people who are interested in Scentsy and sharing samples of the scents and products they may want to purchase. The rest is up to you!

Some Scentsy hostesses prefer home parties so that all of their friends and acquaintances can gather in their kitchen or basement for treats, drinks, and Scentsy. Other hostesses opt for “on-the-go” parties that can take place anywhere from a doctor’s office to a nail salon. Unlike other direct sales parties that can feel pushy or pressured, Scentsy parties are known for being casual, relaxed, and genuinely fun.

Gather Hostess Rewards This August August is one of the very best months to dip your toe into the party hosting waters! Thanks to the 10 percent off sale occurring throughout August, you have an extra way to entice party-goers and grow your sales. Your total sales achieved during your Scentsy party will determine your hostess rewards:


How Does Scentsy Go Fit Into the Equation? The Scentsy Go portable scent system has generated unbelievable excitement, so you will definitely want to take advantage of having your own to display! For $100 you can purchase your own Scentsy Go that comes with five different pod scents. Though you do need to pay for your bundle up front, that entire $100 counts toward your party total, which automatically places you halfway to the $200 in sales needed to start collecting hostess rewards. Since you are bound to get many questions about Scentsy Go from your partygoers, having the actual product to display and demonstrate will prove invaluable!

Remember… you don’t need to be an award winning presenter, experienced teacher, or expert salesperson to kick serious butt as a Scentsy party hostess. As long as you have a passion for Scentsy products and a desire to help others discover what Scentsy has to offer, you’ll be golden. Best of all, Erin is here to help you every step of the way.

Ready to give it a shot? Call or text Erin to get started: 703.626.0209.

3 Scentsy Products You Should Always Have Nearby

If you’ve ever browsed the Scentsy catalog, then you’ve noticed it has so much to offer. It’s tempting to buy it all, especially because you know that every Scentsy product will work wonders and uphold its promises! The following three products are especially helpful to keep on hand. Give them a try, and you’ll question how you ever survived without them.

Car Bars

It’s easy enough to find “air fresheners” for your car. What’s not easy is finding an air freshener that does its job efficiently and actually smells incredible. Well, wait, it is easy… if you order through Scentsy! Scentsy offers a large selection of Car Bars in many of your favorite scents. All you need to do is find the one you want, hang it from your rearview mirror, and enjoy the natural fragrance for up to 30 days. From Sunkissed Citrus and Sweet Cucumber to French Lavender and Amazon Rain, it’s simple to find a scent for your car that you can always enjoy.

Washer Whiffs

Doing the laundry is dirty business, but it doesn’t have to be smelly business! Scentsy offers Washer Whiffs that give your clothes, towels, and blankets an irresistible fragrance boost. Just one scoop of the scent granules into your washer drum will do the trick. Your laundry will always smell fresh, and the fragrance will last for weeks! Imagine snuggling up to your comforter every night and enjoying the aroma of Honeymoon Hideaway. You can snag Washer Whiffs in a smaller 16-ounce container or larger 30-ounce tub.

Counter Clean

Your car and your clothes aren’t the only things that need to smell great- what about your counters? Scentsy Counter Clean products are all-purpose sprays that leave a clear barrier on sealed surfaces. In addition to smelling yummy, they also repel dirt and help keep your counters cleaner, even with regular use. Counter Clean sprays are ammonia-free, safe for use on granite, and perfect for continuous use. White Tea & Cactus, Luna, and Coconut Lemongrass are just a few of your favorite scents featured in Counter Clean.

Ready to try something new? Charleston Scent Duo can get it for you! SHOP HERE or call Erin Fluharty at 703.626.0209 to place your order. Get ready to fall in love with fragrance!   

What Does It Really Mean to Be a Scentsy Consultant?

How many of us have ever tried to juggle career obligations with family responsibilities? I know I am raising my hand! Here’s another good question: how many of us have looked longingly at our friends’ vacation pictures on Facebook and wondered, “Why can’t that be me?” Again, my hand is high in the air. Final question: how many of us have searched for that job or hobby that sparked a sense of real, true passion inside of us? You know my hand is up.

It turns out that you can make money without missing important moments with your family. You can travel to exotic and exciting places without burning up your savings account. And you can find something that makes you feel passionate and inspired. It’s called SCENTSY, ya’ll.

Maybe you’ve heard of Scentsy once or twice and you’re curious about selling products yourself. Or perhaps you’re a devoted Scentsy customer who is ready to take your commitment to the next level. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, there is no doubt that Scentsy will be the right place for you.

Becoming a Scentsy Consultant 

As a Scentsy Consultant, you will make money by selling Scentsy products. You’ll become a master of scents, warmers, diffusers, soaps, oils, and much more. Scentsy products are so easy to love that you won’t have trouble finding eager customers. The more you sell, the more money you can put in your own pocket. If you’re only looking to make a few extra dollars each week, then great! If you want to add a second income to your household, you can do that too! There are no limits to what you can achieve with Scentsy.

Getting started is super easy. Take advantage of Scentsy’s JULY SPECIAL by purchasing your Starter Kit for only $99. This includes everything you need to launch your business, including fabulous Scentsy products, a free warmer, and business tools to help you work better, faster and smarter.

You’re The Boss In Every Way

Working as a Scentsy Consultant gives you ultimate freedom. You can schedule everything you do around your family, your children, your day job, and your life. You don’t need to compromise or sacrifice. Quite the opposite, actually; becoming a part of the Scentsy family will enrich your life. As a Consultant, you’ll join together with goal-minded women and men from all over the world. Best of all, you will build your business exactly the way that YOU want to.

Yes, The Travel Is As Awesome As It Sounds

Scentsy has become known for its truly incredible incentive trips. When you put your heart into Scentsy as a Consultant, you can be rewarded with an all-expense-paid trip for two to beautiful and exciting destinations. The incentive trip in June 2017 was held in Punta Cana, and we will know the 2018 location soon!

These trips are beyond anything you can imagine. Everything is included, including airfare to and from an all-inclusive resort. Scentsy even pays for your luggage costs and gives you a per diem for food during travel days! Without spending a dime, you get to spend a week in a gorgeous resort, reconnect with old friends, meet new Scentsy friends, and get spoiled by the special events and excursions that Scentsy makes possible!

What other job in the world could possibly give you this ability to enjoy your life, reconnect with the people most important to you, and make unforgettable memories? All without office hours, end of day reports, or a miserable commute.

We want more friends to join us on this journey! The 2018 Incentive Trip will be announced in the middle of July. Are you ready to join as a Consultant with Charleston Scent Duo and reap the benefits? Let’s vacation together next year!

BBMB! June’s “Bring Back My Bar” Is Almost Over!

We all have that one scent that immediately sparks an emotion or memory that we can’t get enough of. It’s amazing to think just one simple aroma can transport you back in time by months, years, or even decades and evoke such rich feelings. This is exactly why, as of June 1, Scentsy announced the 20 fragrances that will be “unlocked from the vault” and re-introduced during the month of June.   


If 20 of your favorite wax bars being released doesn’t already have you excited, then the bonus retro faves certainly will! These five bonus favorites have never been brought back, but now June is their time to shine!

These 20 fragrances will be available through the month of June for just $5.00 each. 

Plus, you can also snag your old favorites: Summer Sippin’, Baja Breeze, Bamboo Sugar Cane, Javanilla, and Lime Sublime. I mean, really, it doesn’t get any better!

Wait. Actually, it does get better. Rather than paying $5.00 per bar, you can take advantage of the following savings to accumulate more of your favorite bars in your Scentsy stash without emptying your wallet:

  • 3 Scentsy Bars: $14 ($1 savings
  • 6 Scentsy Bars: $25 (Buy 5, get 1 free)
  • All 25 fragrances: $105 ($20 off!)

June’s BBMB offers a scent for everybody. From the smell of a crisp fall day offered by Apple Crisp to Route 66’s feeling of a windswept drive on a sunny day, you are sure to find 1… or 2…or 10 scents you need now from BBMB.

If that’s the case, Charleston Scent Duo is your favorite Low Country Scentsy provider. Erin is a fragrance guru, and she’s here to help you get exactly what you want. Order now before BBMB disappears into the night!

Have You Snagged June’s Warmer, Revere?

A candle is simply a candle. After enough use (and mess!) it gets thrown away and replaced. Welcome to the word of Scentsy’s trademark warmers. They beat candles in every category, including aesthetic appeal, safety, and versatility. This month’s new warmer, Revere, is no exception!

The Benefits of a Scentsy Warmer: Let Us Count the Ways

Whether you live in a modern NYC apartment, a plantation-style home in the south, or anything in between, your house is a reflection of who you are. Rustic? Feminine? Vintage? Artsy? Classic? You want to surround yourself with decor that matches your personality, and this is the inspiration behind every Scentsy warmer.

The stunning and gorgeous warmer designs you can find through Scentsy will express your style, enhance the appeal of your home, and fill your space with any irresistible fragrance of your choice. The Scentsy website offers more than one hundred warmers, literally from A to Z. Between the nautical “Ahoy!” warmer and the meditative “Zen Rock” warmer, it is possible to find a warmer that helps your home smell great while also making a purposeful decorative statement.   

Every Scentsy warmer houses a low-watt light bulb or other heating element that slowly melts whichever Scentsy Bar of wax that you choose.  As the wax is heated in your warmer, it releases long-lasting fragrance into the air. The wax bars actually hold more fragrance oil than regular candles because they are gently warmed rather than burned.

Revere Is Here!

A new warmer is announced every month through Scentsy, and we love June’s option as much as ever. The Revere reflects the patriotism that captures so much of the spring and summer months. From Memorial Day and July 4th to Labor Day, we have so much to celebrate between May and September, and the Revere supports that celebration with its rich color and star patterns.


As the official Scentsy description explains, “It’s part of who you are, an unwavering love of all things home. Revere captures that feeling and brings it to your favorite space in just the colors for the occasion.” So get your Revere today and use it as the ultimate show stopper this summer. Of course, every month’s warmer also gets matched with an incredible new scent. Try the new Huckleberry and Clementine Scentsy Bar in your Revere warmer to fill your home with Huckleberry preserves, clementine, and a sprig of strawberry vine. It’s the ultimate scent to celebrate the arrival of summer!