What is that signature Scentsy aroma that always greets you when you walk through the door at the end of a long day? We each have our own scent that shouts “home”, and now Charleston Scent Duo is making it possible for the purchase of your favorite Scentsy scents and products to help a much-deserving dog find his or her own forever home.  

God’s Grace Canine Rescue, located in Maryland and founded in 2012, was inspired by an Italian Greyhound named Grace who endured a life filled with the most unimaginable mistreatment and torture. No living being should have to endure what Grace did, and her legacy now lives on in the lives that God’s Grace Canine Rescue impacts every single day.


Grace’s story inspires the team at God’s Grace to do everything they can to help pets find the love and companionship they deserve from an adopted family. God’s Grace is also passionate about providing educational information and awareness to the community in order to help others understand exactly how animals depend on humans. As a nonprofit pet adoption and pet rescue, God’s Grace Canine Rescue, Inc. is committed to the preservation of life and quality of life for unwanted, homeless, abandoned, neglected, and terminally ill dogs.

Now your love for Scentsy can actually help support God’s Grace Canine Rescue through its business fundraiser. Every Scentsy item that you buy through the God’s Grace fundraiser ensures that a portion of the purchase price is donated directly to God’s Grace for their use helping, support, and protecting beautiful dogs in need. You can literally do something you were already planning to do and help an amazing cause in the process. Now that’s a great fundraiser!

shebaIf you have pets of your own, you will definitely be touched by the causes that God’s Grace Canine Rescue champions. Check them out on Facebook or through their website to learn more about their adoptable dogs, senior/hospice program, and more. If you’re ready to make a purchase to support God’s Grace, just click on the link, join the active party, and get your favorite type of shopping done without leaving your chair.

As the holidays approach, this is the perfect time to stock up on Scentsy gifts for the people on your list. From incredible scented hand soaps and laundry detergents to gorgeous warmers and diffusers, Scentsy has it all. Shop now!!

*Picture Credits: www.godsgracek9.com