Essential oils have the ultimate healing powers. They can bring peaceful sleep to restful nights, energy to a busy day, and calm to a troubled mind. As a bonus, they also smell incredible! Scentsy has its own line of essential oils and diffusers that add a touch of class to your home, including the holiday specials below. 

Fair warning, the Stargaze is expected to sell out quickly!! 

Scentsy Holiday Oils 3 Pack: Three exclusive 5ml holiday Scentsy Oils, beautifully packaged and ready to give. Includes the following fragrances: Cinnamon Bark (Warm, spicy notes of orange, cinnamon, and clove), Peppermint Stick (Crisp peppermint and eucalyptus sweetened with vanilla), Christmas Pine (Fresh layers of fir needle, raspberry, and cedarwood). 


Stargaze Diffuser (Available as Shade Only, too): Colors burst and streak across this diffuser in a mesmerizing display that’s totally unique from one piece to another.