The holidays are coming quickly! Halloween has come and gone in a flurry of Kit Kats and superhero costumes, and you’ll be scarfing down turkey and pumpkin pie before you know it. The holidays can be a wonderful and exciting time to see family and friends, give thanks for all that you have, and enjoy the cooler weather. But for adults, it can also be really stressful.

Instead of just juggling your bills, you now have to find the extra cash flow to purchase an endless stream of gifts, not just for your children but for the other people in your life that deserve appreciation. Add on the costs of any trip you might take to visit family, or the grocery bills for the large meals you need to prepare, and the holidays can just about bankrupt you!

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But here’s the good news. Entering the holiday season DOES NOT have to fill you with the fear of ringing in the New Year with $3 in your checking account. There IS a way for you to make extra money to support a truly enjoyable holiday season without the stress and heartburn. Yep, you know what I’m about to say. SCENTSY.

Scentsy is more than a collection of incredible wax melts, bath bombs, and warmers. It’s your key to hitting (and surpassing) your financial goals. Looking to make an extra $200 each month to pay off your car? Scentsy can make it happen. Hoping to make an extra $1,000 each month to finally stop living paycheck to paycheck? Scentsy’s got your back. Ready to finally leave your 9 to 5 job with the miserable commute and unappreciative boss? Scentsy can be your fulltime job and replace that salary, plus some!


When I joined Scentsy back in October 2014, I was just craving an activity that was mine. Fast-forward three years, and my Scentsy income is now enough to replace the salary I earned at my full-time marketing job before having kids. If we need to purchase new furniture, my Scentsy income makes it possible. If I want to pay my mortgage off early, I have my Scentsy income at my disposal. Or, if I just want to spoil my girls with a few new toys, I never have to wonder how to afford it. Scentsy has given me the gift of freedom, comfort, and achievement; it’s something I want to help YOU experience as well.

Joining Scentsy as a consultant is such a rewarding decision, but I’m sure you have a ton of questions about it. Below you can find the answers to some frequently asked questions, and I’m here to answer any other questions you may have!

What Exactly Does It Mean to Be a Scentsy Consultant? When you join Scentsy, you become an independent business owner authorized to sell Scentsy products and earn a commission from each sale. The more you sell, the more you earn. You can also recruit other people onto your team, and you will earn residual income from their sales as well!


What Does It Take to Join? To join, you only need to purchase the Scentsy Starter Kit for $99. This kit includes everything you need to jump right in and be successful: A best-selling warmer, more than 80 scent testers, three FREE months of your personal Scentsy website, product samples, a ton of business tools, and an exclusive gift.


Will I Have Help Along the Way? With Charleston Scent Duo as your sponsor, you will ALWAYS have the help you need. Your first step will be to use the tools in your starter kit to host a lunch party and start hustlin’ to make your sales. You will never be alone or forced to reach your goals by yourself; we are here every step of the way with advice, support, and encouragement. Your earning potential can be seen in the income disclosure chart below! 


If you want to know more or you’re ready to hit the gas, get in touch with me!

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