It is just me, or do November and December always have a special glow about them?Maybe it’s all that holiday warmth that’s in the air. Christmas songs start playing on the radio, gigantic turkeys go on sale at every grocery store, and pumpkin pretty much takes over your life. I’m not complaining! As much as I love the warmth of spring, the freedom of summer, and the chill of autumn, winter offers a charm all of its own.

Just in case you need one more reason to love this season, Scentsy is here with bath bombs and holiday bricks. These are the things you’ve been missing all your life, seriously! Below you can find all of the important information that you need on each.


What Are Scentsy Bath Bombs? Goodness in a ball. Okay, maybe you need more detail than that. When you drop a Scentsy bath bomb into the bath, it releases an effervescent burst into your bathwater, but it’s #MoreThanJustaPrettyFizz. Every bath bomb is handcrafted to offer vivid color, plenty of fizz, pampering moisturizers, and your favorite fragrance.

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What Fragrances Are Currently Available? Three bath bombs are currently available: Amazon Rain, Jammy Time, and Luna. Each bath bomb is produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality and performance, so you can trust you will get the aroma and effect that you love.

How Much Do Bath Bombs Cost? These babies are just $8 each, and you get so much more than you do with bath bombs from other brands. These aren’t wimpy golfball-sized bath bombs; Scentsy bath bombs are about as big as a baseball, and they are carefully formulated with Scentsy’s proprietary blend of premium vitamin- and antioxidant-rich ingredients to help moisturize and soften your skin.

What Else Should I Know? Like most great Scentsy items, Scentsy Bath Bombs are only available in limited quantities, so get them while supplies last! They make the perfect stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gifts!



What Are Scentsy Holiday Bricks? Bricks bring your favorite scents to the next level. These hand-poured, limited-edition bricks are more than five times bigger than one Scentsy bar! They give you more indulgence, more nostalgia, and more holiday joy to go around all season long.

LIMITED TIME ONLY!Hand-poured Scentsy Bricks

What Fragrances Are Available? Holiday bricks are available in every essential holiday aroma imaginable: Caramel Vanilla Delight, Christmas Cottage, Cinnamon Bear, Cinnamon Chai Latte, Silver Bells, and Very Snowy Spruce. How can you say no to those!?

How Much Do Holiday Bricks Cost? Each brick is $24. This is a great deal, because it is actually $30 worth of wax! (A Scentsy Bar costs $6.00, and a brick is five times bigger than a bar, meaning that it should cost $30, yet only costs $24. Now that’s the kind of math we like.)

What Else Should I Know? You know what I’m about to say… these holiday bricks are only available in limited quantities and will NOT last long. Get them now, before they’re gone, so that your house smells like the holidays through the New Year.