Whether your job as a Scentsy consultant is a side gig or a full-time position, there’s no doubt that you want to rev up your sales and put more money into your pocket each month. Running your own business is empowering, but it can also be overwhelming without the right guidance to keep you grounded. The following tips will help you identify exactly where you can begin to bring your business to the next level. These tips aren’t just theories; they are tried-and-true strategies that have helped many business moguls achieve success. Incorporate these ideas into your own business, and that next incentive trip is yours.

Utilize New Leads

One of the most wonderful and comforting components about selling Scentsy is that it’s easy to sell to the people you already know. It’s likely that your siblings, friends, neighbors, and coworkers already use some type of scented products for their homes. It’s definitely simple to show them why Scentsy is superior to their current brands, and you can successfully convert many of them into Scentsy lovers with just one party or sample! Many Scentsy consultants are happy to enjoy the residual income they gain from those monthly sales, but if you are reading this blog, you want more. You are looking for a way to expand your sales, so you need more customers!

Where do you find customers? This requires a process known as generating leads. A quick Google search for “lead generation” will supply you with more ideas that you could use in a lifetime. From LinkedIn, email signatures, and social media marketing to trade events, car decals, and local partnerships, there are numerous methods you can use to generate additional leads and continue to expand your monthly revenue. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying them all in one week. Pick two and master them, then tackle a few more.

Work Toward Five to Ten Exposures Each Day

A business exposure is any successful effort to present your business to new potential customers. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend two hours explaining every comprehensive detail of Scentsy, nor does it mean that you need to make a sale for the exposure to be deemed a success. You simply need to mention your business, suggest a product, or introduce yourself to someone new as a Scentsy consultant. It is all about putting yourself out there and making connections. As a rule of thumb, five exposures per day as a part-time consultant will propel you forward, while 10 to 20 exposures per day as a full-time consultant will be a game changer.

Make a Master List, then Follow Up

Can you name a business that succeeded without an organizational structure? Probably not. And if you can, chances are that the business didn’t last very long! Organization is the glue that will hold your business together. A master list is one such organization tool that will ensure you secure repeat sales. Maintain a master list of every single customer, prospect, and team member that you have. It would be a shame to make a great connection at the grocery store or pool and then forget to ever follow up and talk to that person again.

Just don’t create a master list and then stick in your desk drawer, never to be seen again. You need to follow up! Consider sending out an email blast twice a month with deals, offers, exciting new products, and more. This will keep your business fresh in the minds of all potential customers without making them feel bombarded. It will also give them a gentle reminder to reconnect with you and get those great products they wanted!

Here is a special bonus tip since you care so much about your business that you are still reading! Lean on your mentor! Ask questions! Reach out for support! Your Scentsy director is rooting for your success every day, and she is here to provide any help she can possibly give to make your business thrive. That’s what the #ScentsyFamily is all about!