The days between January 2 and the first day of spring can feel painfully long. After the energy-packed holiday season ends and New Year’s parties come to a close, things can feel a little depressing. Especially this year as frigid temperatures and unprecedented snowfall blankets most of the country. (Seriously, 7 inches of snow in Charleston! Total craziness!) It’s all too easy to get swept into a post-holiday pity party, but thanks to Scentsy it’s also easy to snap right out of it! Light up your New Year with the best of Scentsy, and suddenly January, February, and March won’t feel so blue anymore.

Scentsy Go

Instant fragrance – anytime, anywhere. How about that for lifting your spirits after the holidays? Scentsy Go is the immensely popular portable, compact, cordless fragrance system that is designed to enliven any small space with your favorite signature scent.

Think about all of the different places that Scentsy Go can become a total difference maker throughout your day. Bring it in the car for inspiration on the way to work, use it in the office to add some zen to your day, or move it with you around your house as you do chores and play with the kids. With Scentsy Go, you can create the mood you want wherever you go.

Warmer of the Month

Have you seen January’s WOTM? It’s called the Star Dance Warmer for good reason. The official Scentsy description explains, “Star Dance features an internal multipoint light source- viewed through holographic film- to create a twinkling, three-dimensional starry night effect that’s positively galactic. Accented with a rose-gold metallic finish!”

That’s right, the stars on this warmer actually move, dance, and shimmer to give you the impression of a real starry night sky. Whether you place this warmer in your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, or bedroom, it will help to raise your spirits even when the temperature outside continues to do anything but rise.

Best Smelling Laundry on the Block

Some of life’s best pleasures are the simple ones. Imagine walking into your laundry room, opening the dryer, and immediately being met with a comforting and totally enjoyable fragrance that sticks around long after you’re done folding. That’s what Scentsy Laundry products do!

Forget the smell of standard laundry detergent. Scenty’s Black Raspberry Vanilla, Clothesline, and Coconut Lemongrass, French Lavender, Jammy Time, and many other Laundry Liquids are here to transform your laundry experience.

Whoever said that winter has to be bleak? That’s certainly not Scentsy’s motto.