It’s always a good time to host a party, especially if it’s a Scentsy party, but January is an even better time than normal! Whether you are a Scentsy consultant or simply an avid Scentsy customer, you can host a party to enjoy the major perks. Now, only in January 2018, you can earn DOUBLE half-price hostess rewards for your party that closes by January 31! Yes, double.

Why Host a Party?

Party hosting is a truly versatile and exciting way to earn Scentsy rewards for yourself. If you already love Scentsy and always get compliments from friends who walk into your house and ask what smells so wonderful, hosting a party is the best way to share your secret while earning freebies for yourself.

Unlike other companies that require sales pitches, organized presentations, and other components that kill the buzz of any party, a Scentsy party involves nothing more than you and your friends hanging out, laughing, and exploring Scentsy’s 80+ scents. Well, unless the “more” is delicious food or wine. That’s totally okay.

How To Host a Party

There is never a “right” way to host a Scentsy party. In a traditional home Scentsy party, you invite your family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to gather at your house for a night of fun, socializing, and Scentsy. This isn’t an event to pressure people into buying Scentsy! It’s a few hours of fun with the added bonus of having the completely optional opportunity to purchase desirable Scentsy products.

Scentsy Double Rewards in January If you’re not loving the idea of cleaning your house and keeping your pets under control for a Scentsy party, you can bring the party to your friends! There are so many different ways to do this, from organizing a Girl’s Night Out to bringing a Scentsy basket to work. Of course, life is ruled by technology, so you can also easily host a party online. If you host an online party, Charleston Scent Duo will handle all of your details and provide a place for your party at For the length of a few days or weeks, your online party will be easily accessible to all of your friends near and far.

More About January’s DOUBLE Special

Under normal circumstances, you can earn 1 Scentsy product at half-price if you sell $200-$349.99 in your party. But during January only, you get TWO half-price items instead. The more you sell, the more half-price items you earn! If your party sells more than $1,000, you get a total of EIGHT, yes EIGHT, half-price items, plus $150 in FREE products. The chart below shows all the details.

Scentsy Double Host Rewards January

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