Scentsy knows how to make every month special, especially by offering a Scent and Warmer of the Month (SOTM and WOTM). That’s right, every single month Scentsy releases a totally unique warmer and accompanying scent. Just like the January Scent and Warmer of the Month, every creation is seasonal, relevant, and totally irresistible.

Scentsy’s January WOTM: Star Dance

Scentsy Warmer of Month

This January, the genius designers who work behind the scenes at Scentsy have outdone themselves once again. The aptly named “Star Dance” warmer is quite literally a design of stars that dance across the surface of the warmer.  Here’s how Scentsy describes it:

“Star Dance features an internal multipoint light source- viewed through holographic film- to create a twinkling, three-dimensional starry night effect that’s positively galactic. Accented with a rose-gold metallic finish!”  

What better warmer to welcome into your collection during the winter than that? It will help your space feel cozier and look just a bit more magical. It also doesn’t hurt that the January WOTM is 10 percent off through January 31!

Scentsy’s January SOTM: Vanillamint

The Star Dance Warmer is complimented by January Scent of the Month, Vanillamint. Described as wintergreen frost sparkles over vanilla and frozen citrus, it sounds like exactly what your winter has been missing! How can you not become completely relaxed and content as a starry, shimmery warmer fills your home with that scent? Vanillamint is available as a room spray, scent circle, and Scentsy bar, all for ten percent off as well!

Scentsy January SOTM

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Even though it feels like New Year’s Eve just occurred, January is practically halfway over already! Where does time go? Seriously! So don’t wait too long and miss your opportunity to add Star Dance warmer and Vanillamint to your Scentsy collection! Just ORDER HERE or hit “CONTACT US” for more help from Erin.