How do you store your apples? Are you an on-the-counter type of person or an in-the-fridge type of person? What about bananas? Do you hang them or lay them down? We all have our own unique habits and tendencies when it comes to storing and organizing the items in our home, and Scentsy wax bars are no exception. However, it turns out that there are a few rules and suggestions that will maximize the shelf life of your Scentsy wax bars.

Keep Your Wax Bars in a Cool, Dark Place

There is no doubt that Scentsy wax bars are of much higher quality than the wax bars found in grocery stores, but this doesn’t mean they last forever. It is important that you store all of your waxes in a cool, dark place to prevent the heat from diminishing their qualities or spoiling them. Consider adding a container or shelf to your linen closet that is dedicated to Scentsy waxes! This will keep your investments safe and infuse your towels and sheets with amazing fragrance.

First In, First Out

Consider this the Golden Rule. If you’re debating between a wax you purchased six months ago or a wax that just arrived two days ago, it’s wise to use the older wax. You want to capitalize on everything that fragrance has to offer before it begins to fade!

Avoid the Car

The car is a tricky place for storage, especially if you live in the South. Cars become hotter than the outside air within minutes of parking, so leaving wax bars in your vehicle can lead to melting. The heat can also threaten the quality of wax, so steer clear.

Do Not Freeze and Thaw

Freezing and thawing work with ground beef and bread, but it doesn’t exactly work with Scentsy wax. As the matter of fact, Scentsy experts have experimented with the freeze and thaw theory extensively. They discovered that freezing waxes and thawing them for use is too extreme of a process for most fragrances.

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