We all have our favorite things, the ones that bring us joy and comfort in any situation. For some of us it’s mystery novels. For others, it’s a blanket with a long favorite history or a hot cup of coffee. Well, I have a handful of favorite Scentsy things as well. These are a few of the products that I would recommend to anybody trying to decide what to select for a Scentsy purchase.

Blue Crush Warmer

Something about the Blue Crush warmer just gets me every time I look at it. Maybe I’m a little biased, since it’s the ultimate reflection of life by the coast… and we did move close to Charleston, after all. Scenty’s official description says it best: “A mosaic of crystalline color captures the hypnotic sway of a tranquil seaside escape.”

Favorite Blue Crush Warmer

The Blue Crush warmer looks good everywhere you put it! Entryway? Check. Kitchen? Check. Bathroom? Bedroom? Sunroom? Check, check, and check. Of course, I also love this product for the reason I love all Scentsy warmers; it allows you to melt wax with the heat of a low-watt light bulb. This means you can fill your space with incredible fragrance without any flame, smoke, or soot.  

Enchant Diffuser

Favorite Scentsy diffuserA diffuser is used for aromatherapy purposes. You add a blend of water and essential oils into your diffuser for natural fragrance that can even deliver health benefits! Lavender, for example, is extremely popular to diffuse at night since it is soothing and calming. Lemon and peppermint, on the other hand, help you feel alert and energetic.

The Enchant diffuser from Scentsy is just stunning. With a crackled glass-like finish, Enchant is unique and attractive. It even lights up in 16 different and dazzling LED lighting effects. Make sure you keep this diffuser displayed where visitors can enjoy it too. You deserve to brag a little!


Scentsy Go

No list of awesome Scentsy products is complete without Scentsy Go! This item provides instant fragrance thanks to its compact size and portable, cordless functionality. A seven-color LED display helps make the Scentsy Go even more appealing. Just twist the lid, drop in a scent pod, and you can carry your favorite scent around wherever you go! Consider it your portable aromatherapy!

Whether you want to enhance the aroma of your car, workspace, or even the gym, Scentsy Go can make it happen. It couldn’t’ be easier. Charge your Scentsy Go with a USB and it will last for 40 hours! Not to mention, each pod provides 120 hours of fragrance!

Which one do YOU want the most? Can’t pick? That’s okay, get all three.