As an adult, Christmas loses that magical element that makes it so exciting for your kids. You know exactly how those presents found their way under the tree… heck, you know exactly how much they cost. But us adults deserve our own version of Christmas, one that doesn’t have to be overshadowed by the stress, expenses, and chaos of standard holidays.

The gurus at Scentsy must have known this, which is why they give us a new product reveal every spring! The Scentsy Spring/Summer 2018 Collection is OFFICIALLY ON SALE as of March 1, and exploring all of the new warmers and fragrances available is our version of Christmas. Can we start a new trend? #Scentsymas

So, without making you wait any longer for the good stuff, here are all of the exciting new products you can snag beginning on March 1. Add shamelessly to your Scentsy collection! We’ve got your back.

Brand New Scents


Scentsy Spring Summer New Scents

We all have our very favorite scents that we’ll never stop using, but the Scentsy scent elves have been hard at work preparing a collection of new scents that are sure to make you swoon. The Scentsy catalog says it best: “The science of scent is complex, but the gist is simple: Brain meets beautiful fragrance and falls hard.”

Gorgeous New Warmers

If you’re a warmer hoarder like us, you won’t be able to resist picking up a few of these simply stunning spring and summer warmers. The themes speak to our heart: Rural Escape, Word to the Wise, Uncommon Treasures, Something Special, The Mod Squad, Second Nature, Coastal Cool, and Make Your Statement. It’s kind of impossible not to fall in love with every single warmer. See for yourself: 

Diffusers You’ll Love

Essential oils are finally getting the attention they deserve as aromatherapy miracle workers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re fatigued, depressed, or having trouble sleeping; there’s an essential oil capable of helping you feel better. Scentsy not only offers the oils but also is releasing new diffusers to help you embrace aromatherapy with serious style.

New Diffuser Scentsy Spring Summer 2018

Do you know what you want? Remember, this is #Scentsymas, so you get to spoil yourself. We’re here to make ordering simple for you, so either shop online or message us directly to place your order!