Are you ready to let Scentsy rock your world? Whether you just became a consultant yesterday or you’ve been working on ascending the ranks for a few months now, you are undoubtedly experiencing a steep learning curve. Succeeding as a Scentsy consultant requires an exciting blend of skills and responsibilities: parties, rewards, incentive trips, product launches, marketing, and a whole alphabet soup of Scentsy vocabulary. 

It’s not college, so you can’t hit up SparkNotes for a cheat sheet before your midterm, but we are here to give you the next best thing. Scroll through this new consultant’s guide to Scentsy vocabulary so that you can impressive everybody from your sponsor to your new customers with your affinity for the Scentsy way of life!

A Quick Note: Not everything below is in alphabetical order like you might expect. Some concepts build off of each other, so we have listed words in the most logical order. 

Scentsy Product Jargon

Bring Back My Bar (BBMB): This has become a Scentsy tradition about twice every year. Customers and consultants vote to pick their favorite retired Scentsy scents. The top 20 are sold for just one month before being placed back into “the vault”.

Scent of the Month (SOTM) and Warmer of the Month (WOTM): Each month, Scentsy selects a special warmer and scent to promote to customers. Each pairing is unique and seasonal. They are sold at a 10 percent discount during their promotional month. 

Scentsy Vocabulary WOTM March

The Scentsy Vocabulary For Hierarchy

Frontline: All of the consultants in the first level of your downline, which means you most likely personally recruited them to join Scentsy.

Downline: Your downline includes your frontline and all of their frontline consultants. For example, if your frontline consists of Samantha, Kirsten, and Lauren, then your downline consists of Samantha, Kirsten, and Lauren, and all of their own frontline consultants. All of these people create your group.

Team: A team is very similar to a group. It consists of you and your downline, but it excludes any Directors in your group and those Directors’ downlines.

Rank: Your rank as a Scentsy consultant determines how much commission you receive not only from your own Personal Retail Volume (PRV) but also from Personal Wholesale Volume (PWV) and Team Wholesale Volume (TWV). The chart below shows the Scentsy compensation plan from the first rank of Escential Consultant all the way through the highest rank of SuperStar Director. As you move up the ranks, you continue to make more commission.

Scentsy Compensation Commissions

Sales Terms

Personal Retail Volume (PRV): Personal Retail Volume is a global point system used by Scentsy in order to represent the total value of Scentsy products you sell personally over a specific timeframe. In the United States, 1 PRV point equals $1.00, so the ratio is effortless to calculate. Other than the very first consultant rank of Escential Consultant, all other Scentsy consultants earn 25 percent commission from their PRV.

Personal Wholesale Volume (PWV): Unlike PRV, which calculates its figures based upon retail value, PWV equates to 75 percent of the point value of all commissionable products you sell. You can find this value by multiplying PRV x 75%= PWV.

Group Wholesale Volume (GWV): While your PRV represents the products you sell personally to your clients, Group Wholesale Volume shows the sum of the Personal Wholesale Volume (PWV)  of each person in your group. In other words, the total group PRV x 75%.

Team Wholesale Volume (TWV): The sum of the Personal Wholesale Volume (PWV) of each person on a team.

So, are you ready to dive in? Don’t worry, you don’t need to navigate all of this alone. Your sponsor, your group members, and so many others are here to help and support you. Charleston Scent Duo will be your #1 cheerleader!