Easy, Hassle-Free Teacher Gift Ideas

It’s the essential end-of-school-year question that every parent has stressed over: What should I buy for my child’s teacher as a sign of gratitude? A mug? Giftcard to Starbucks? Chocolate? It’s challenging to find easy, hassle-free teacher gift ideas, especially when so much of your time is consumed by helping your kids survive the last month of school (and daydreaming about the first day of summer).

But you don’t even need to worry about it for another second, because we are here with your ultimate teacher gift guide. Scentsy makes it ridiculously easy to buy unique, useful, and long-lasting gifts that you know your child’s teacher will appreciate.


The Appreciation Warmer

Try to tell me this Appreciation Warmer isn’t utterly adorable and perfect for the favorite teacher in your child’s life.

Easy, Hassle Free Teacher Gift Ideas Appreciation Warmer of the Month Scentsy

Every teacher can appreciate the symbolism of this warmer, and it lasts a whole lot longer than the real thing! Don’t forget that you can pair the Appreciation Warmer with the Johnny Appleseed Scent of the Month for the ultimate combination. The Warmer and Scent of the Month are 10 percent off if you order before the end of April! 


Let’s Dance Brick Collection

If you are giving an outstanding teacher an Appreciation Warmer, some wax bars definitely need to go along with it. Of course, Scentsy offers more than 80 fragrances from which to choose, so you have plenty of options! The Let’s Dance Brick Collection offers five limited-edition options that are sure to help your favorite teacher embrace the arrival of summer.

Scentsy Let's Dance Brick Collection Teacher Gift Ideas

These five bricks (which are much larger than bars!) are inspired by classic dance styles and summer drinks: Berry Cosmo Boogie, Lemon Drop It Low, Mojito Mambo, Pina Colada Cha-Cha, and Strawberry Daiquiri Disco. Or you can always opt for a more traditional wax scent! For help selecting a few fragrances you think your teacher will love, check out this guide


Bath Bombs

Let’s not forget that teachers are the gentle souls that keep our children for eight hours each day, to help them learn everything they will need to be successful in life. Then they go home to grade papers, write lesson plans, answer emails, and brainstorm the best ways to keep our children engaged in their education. By the time June rolls around, those teachers deserve some major relaxation!

Bath Bomb Teacher Gift Ideas

Scentsy’s Bath Bombs will do the trick, and they are super affordable! They are now available in a variety of fragrances, including Luna, Jammy Time, Honeymoon Hideaway, Amazon Rain, Sunkissed Citrus, and Sea Salt & Avocado. What better way to help your favorite teacher destress from the school year?

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See? Brainstorming easy teacher gift ideas doesn’t have to be a challenging task. Just call, email, or text us at Charleston Scent Duo to learn more and place your order, or head over to our Online Store to browse some more!