How I Earned a Free Mediterranean Cruise, and How You Can, Too!




If you had asked me ten years ago, I would have told you that a trip to Europe and 7-day cruise around the Mediterranean with my husband was the type of once-in-a-lifetime vacation that required 2 years of squirreling away money.


Now, 100 percent thanks to my commitment to Scentsy, I can say with awe that I just returned from that trip to Europe and cruise around the Mediterranean…. But I didn’t pay a single cent out of my own pocket to book the trip. Scentsy treats its consultants so well and rewards them with truly unbelievable incentives for surpassing their goals. That’s exactly how I earned an all-expenses-paid trip to the Caribbean with my husband and Scentsy friends this June!



We just got home not too long ago, and I’m still processing the awe-inspiring views of the Italian coast, the new friendships, and the memories I will treasure forever. It continues to leave me in disbelief that my passion for Scentsy- which began as a side hobby!- is what enabled us to take this cruise. I can honestly say that I don’t know other friends or family members who enjoy the same type of rewards for reaching their sales goals or performing well month after month at work.

Earn YOUR Incentive Trip Through Scentsy

You’ve read my thoughts. You’ve seen the pictures. Now it’s time to get YOU on the track to earn an incentive trip yourself! Don’t be intimidated. It isn’t hard or impossible or rigged for the “select few”. Earning an incentive trip simply takes commitment, patience, and perseverance. Here’s what you need to do to get started.


Step 1: Join Scentsy As a Consultant

Joining Scentsy has (literally) never been easier. In the past, your only joining option was to purchase a Starter Kit to equip yourself with the products, samplers, and marketing pieces needed to launch your business. That’s still a simple and straightforward option for just $99, but there is now another way to join that saves you serious cash!

Become a Scentsy Consultant join in june

Take advantage of your love for Scentsy products and home fragrance by hosting a Scentsy party. Parties can take many forms (read about them here!) and never, ever have to be stressful, awkward sales pitches. Whatever you earn from your Scentsy party can be applied to the purchase of your Starter Kit, making it potentially NO COST to you! This Host-Exclusive Starter Kit opportunity is such a valuable option. {{Check out the specific details here. }}



Step 2: Make Your Goals, Use Your Support System

One of the most amazing parts of Scentsy is that you are never in it alone! You have many levels of leaders above you who are eager to guide you and support you as you learn the ropes of Scentsy, acquire new customers, and commit yourself to steadily growing your sales. Use all of the resources at your disposal to become a #ScentsyBossBabe.

Scentsy compensation plan commissions sales

Hit the Points Needed to Qualify

Scentsy usually offers two main incentive trips each year: a longer trip in the summer and a shorter trip in the winter. This gives you about six months to accumulate the total number of points needed to qualify for an all-expenses-paid trip to the destination announced by Scentsy.


For example, Scentsy consultants who earn 20,000 points by the end of July 2018 qualify for an all-expenses-paid trip to Mexico in January! Consultants who earn 24,000 points achieve Level 2 and earn an all-expenses-paid trip for themselves and a guest (like a spouse or best friend). Each trip is slightly different and the qualifications vary accordingly, but the general system remains the same.


There are many other smaller details to consider, but that’s why I am here! If you’re ready to purchase your Starter Kit and start hustling Scentsy, you will find yourself on an incentive trip much faster than you ever imagined possible! I’m here as proof that it’s real!