It’s July! Scentsy’s Bring Back My Bar (BBMB) Extravaganza Is In Full Swing


Scentsy’s Bring Back My Bar (BBMB) promotion definitely gives new meaning to Christmas in July.


If you’re new to Scentsy, here’s the scoop about BBMB:


Scentsy retires a few scents each season to make way for new fragrances, but unfortunately, this means that some of our very favorites end up going into retirement. To keep Scentsy lovers from planning a mutiny over the loss of their beloved fragrances, Scentsy had the brilliant idea of launching the BBMB promotion. Each spring, Scentsy customers have the opportunity to vote for the scents they would love to see return to inventory in July. The 25 scents that receive the most votes return for one month and one month only!!


What Are the BBMB Fragrances?

If you take a look at the calendar, you’ll realize that all 25 Bring Back My Bar fragrances are now available for purchase! Check the final list and see if your faves made the cut. Lemon Lavender, Fresh Cut Daisies, or Hemingway, anyone!?

July Scentsy Bring Back My Bar (BBMB)


What Do BBMB Bars Cost?

Each bar is $6 individually. You can also choose from three Bundle and Save specials:

  • Twin Pack (2 Scentsy Bars, same fragrance): $11 ($1 savings)
  • 6 Scentsy Bars: $30 (Buy 5, get 1 free – $6 savings)
  • All 25 fragrances: $126 ($24 savings)


Shop Before They Are Gone!

The BBMB promotion is best tackled with an early worm mentality! Thousands and thousands of Scentsy lovers are currently scrambling to order their favorite scents because nobody has any way of knowing which retired fragrances will never return again! Your favorite WILL sell out at some point because supplies are limited. If you have your heart set on stockpiling a few of your most loved fragrances, do it now before you lose your opportunity! Bring Back My Bar fragrances are only available from July 1-31, 2018. Ready? Stock up while you can!