Whether you’ve been a Scentsy Consultant for 2 months or 2 years, by now you have heard plenty about Scentsy Family Reunion. This isn’t your great uncle’s reunion with cousins you’ve never met and food you don’t want to eat. Scentsy Family Reunion is the ultimate destination for networking, bonding, and learning.


I ventured out west to Anaheim, California for the 2018 SFR this year, and let me tell you, it surpassed my expectations. If you want to make one single goal to improve your trajectory as a Scentsy consultant, get your butt to next year’s family reunion!


Connect With Scentsy Friends, Old and New

So much of Scentsy Family Reunion revolves around relationships. On a formal level, you can network with fellow Consultants, share ideas, and create connections you would have never made otherwise.


SFR has even become global now, which means that Scentsy folks from Australia, Europe, and America all converge in the same place for a mega-Scentsy experience.


On a personal level, SFR is a time to bond with your best Scentsy friends and meet new people who will become a part of your Scentsy family. It’s four days away from the normal hustle and bustle to enjoy all of the wonderful people that enrich your life.


Get Access to Attendee-Only Information

SFR isn’t all fun and play! It’s also the best way to get access to new, unannounced, and restricted Scentsy information. You get to hear from Orville and Heidi Thompson themselves and gain inspiration from their messages.

SFR 2018

You also can’t forget about the “Big Reveal”. Scentsy uses the family reunion to unveil new products, fresh catalogs, and major announcements. You never know what surprises will come your way at family reunion, so you have to attend to make sure you don’t miss anything!


Use Specialized Trainings to Grow Your Sales

On the of the most important purposes of SFR is to offer specialized training sessions designed to help consultants achieve success. This year’s reunion included trainings like “Six Critical Practices for Leading a Team” and other exclusive trainings that you can only experience at SFR.


Have the Time of Your Life

Wrap everything above together, add in exciting features (like this year’s trip to Disney Land), and you are guaranteed to have the time of your life at SFR. Consultants leave Scentsy Family Reunion feeling emboldened, inspired, and ready to transform their lives with Scentsy.


Will you join us next year? Scentsy Family Reunion 2019 will be held in Austin, Texas from July 29 to August 3, and we want you there with us for every moment!