Fundraising With Scentsy

There’s nothing better than finding a passion in life that not only brings you joy but gives you the ability to help others.

Help Others

Scentsy makes it possible to “Give More Than You Get”, and we are excited to raise funds for groups that can benefit from our giving!

Inspire With Scentsy

At Charleston Scent Duo, are committed to lifting others up through giving.

Spread the Word

Let others know of the potential for Scentsy to make a positive impact in your community! Youth groups, schools, churches, and more.
There’s nothing better than finding a passion in life that not only brings you joy but gives you the ability to help others. A Scentsy fundraiser makes this possible!

In addition to selling customers their favorite products and helping them find scents they love, we can also help organizations raise money through Scentsy fundraisers. Whether you are a Scentsy consultant looking for a unique way to give back to your community or a member of an organization in need of new fundraising strategies, here is everything you need to know!

Scentsy Fundraiser: How Does It Work? 

During a fundraiser, we provide all supplies including order forms, catalogs, and scent samples, to an organization based upon the number of people participating in the fundraiser. Unlike other fundraisers that charge fees for supplies, Charleston Scent Duo is proud to offer everything completely free of charge.

This means that an organization is able to raise money for its most important causes without taking the hit on pesky upfront costs. Fundraising is about giving back, after all.

We also offer to hold a meeting with those involved to display and explain Scentsy products and answer any questions. If an in-person meeting isn’t possible or practical, we can provide a detailed letter instead.

Who Makes Money, and How? 

An organization can expect to make quite a bit of money from a Scentsy fundraiser. As an independent consultant, Charleston Scent Duo commits to donating 100 percent of our commission, which equates to 25 to 30 percent of sales, back to the fundraiser.

Uphold Scentsy’s “Give More Than You Take” Motto

Since Scentsy is incredibly popular and easy to sell, that 25 to 30 percent donation adds up quickly! The table below illustrates how rapidly an organization can generate funds for itself using a Scentsy fundraiser.

Giving back to others is an important and rewarding experience, and Charleston Scent Duo is so happy to contribute to the Charleston community using Scentsy fundraising.

If you belong to an organization such as a youth group, church, charity, or school, and you are excited by the opportunities that a Scentsy fundraiser could bring to your organization, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! We would love nothing more than to partner with your organization and work hard to help you raise the funds you need!

Our Fundraising Success Stories

God’s Grace Canine Rescue, located in Maryland and founded in 2012, was inspired by an Italian Greyhound named Grace who endured a life filled with the most unimaginable mistreatment and torture. No living being should have to endure what Grace did, and her legacy now lives on in the lives that God’s Grace Canine Rescue impacts every single day.

Our love for Scentsy helped to support God’s Grace Canine Rescue. A portion of the price of every purchased item was donated directly to God’s Grace for their use helping, support, and protecting beautiful dogs in need! God's Grace Canine Rescue

Who Could You Support?

A Scentsy fundraiser can make all the difference for youth groups, schools, churches, and charities!